12/15/2017 Update

12/15/2017 Update

The movable base is going through some final testing and it's looking good. This will allow a much greater range of motion and increase the number of different punch sequences we can do. 


We're also finalizing the latest design for the upper part of the robot. It punches substantially faster than the previous version. 

There will be two versions of the robot. One is for arcades where two robots fight each other. The other will be for man vs. robot for boxers and martial artists. The design will be mostly the same between the two with software differences. 

In the arcade version you'll control your robot with a joystick or by moving in front of the camera. In the boxing version the camera will be used to track your movements so that the robot can decide what punch sequence to throw. 

Right now we're hoping to be able to start taking pre-orders in another 6-8 weeks and start production in about 10 weeks if everything continues to go well. Thanks for your patience.